Forms and Information

Student Enrolment Form

Please download, print and fill out the form below. The completed enrolment form can then be returned to us. Further Enrolment Information

Student Enrolment Form (.pdf)

Code of Conduct

What are my obligations and responsibilities as a student and what does the College expect from its students whist attending training?

All students are asked to read and sign the student code of conduct when commencing training at the College.

Student Code of Conduct (.pdf)

Travel and Accomodation

Students are required to get their Travel and Accommodation forms back to us in time and to ensure that they have appropriate management sign off and ensure all fields are filled/ticked.

Costs not covered by Abstudy Away from Base or by their service are the responsibility of the student. Where a student requests a flight change they will be charged for any additional costs incurred in changing the flight.

Travel+Accommodation form (.pdf)

Costing and Invoice form (.pdf)

Responsibilities as a student

  • It is the responsibility of each student whilst attending the College for training to sign the attendance sheet in the morning and after lunch break. You must sign your name that you are present in the classroom. 
  • Catching the bus provided for transportation from the Travelodge Sydney in Surry Hills to the College and the return trip in the afternoon is the responsibility of the student. If you miss the bus you will have to make your own way to the College or from the College via a Public transport bus or taxi cab.
  • A taxi phone is located on the gorund floor of the College building.
  • For security please do not leave valuables in the training rooms unattended.The College cannot be held responsible for your own property.
  • When in the training rooms please use appropriate mobile phone etiquette as listed on the signs in each training room. Leave your table clean and tidy at the end of the day.
  • Student assessment of the course material is outlined in the student information guide.
  • Request an assessment extension.
  • Student support services is also listed in the student information guide and covers tutorial assistance, literacy and numeracy considerations, disabilities, Abstudy, scholarships and cadetships and library facilities.

'Responsibilities as a student' booklet (.pdf)

Student information guide

Appeals and complaints processes are listed in the student information guide.

Student information guide (.pdf)

Complaints Process

Complaints: You have the right to complain about the Aboriginal Health College processes or conduct of Aboriginal Health College staff and students. It is best to first discuss any issue with your teacher or the Administration team depending on the issue. Most issues can be successfully resolved at this level. If no resolution is achieved then please make an appointment to discuss the issue with your teacher/assessor or Manager Education and Training (MET).

Appeals: You have the right to appeal an assessment decision. This is done following the appeals process. In the first instance approach your assessor and if still not satisfied with the outcome you can appeal the decision.

Complaints and Appeals process form (Page1: Complaints, Page2: Appeals)

Corrective action record form (.pdf)