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12 Months
PM&C funded SEWB/AOD workforce funded through 10014 SEWB RTO funding Other eligibility as per Regional Smart & Skilled funding map or Fee for Service

The Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs is delivered as part of a dual qualification with CHC53315 Diploma Mental Health.

This qualification reflects the role of workers who work under broad supervision and guidance and provide services to clients with alcohol and other drugs issues. They can provide counselling, referral and promotion services. These workers require high level specialist knowledge, skills and competencies especially in regard to laws affecting clients, the range of services available to them and health issues related to alcohol and drugs use and misuse.

At this level, workers have specialised skills in community services and work autonomously under broad directions from senior management. Workers are usually providing direct support to individuals or groups of individuals. Workers may also have responsibility for the supervision of other workers and volunteers and/or case management; program coordination or the development of new business opportunities. 

Target Group

Enrolment for this course will focus on recruiting students from the following in order:

  1. Graduates of relevant Certificate IV courses wishing to further their studies will be given preference
  2. Existing workers working in a context which fits with a Diploma level qualification and with the level of experience required to meet Packaging Rule requirements who are working within a Aboriginal Health and Community Services context. Please refer to the accompanying overview, pre-requisite requirements section and core and elective unit description for further clarification
  3. Students needing to gain this qualification as a relevant Diploma qualification for further study or Recognition
  4. Workers seeking a career transition with a readily transferable qualification pathway and relevant work experience at Certificate IV level or higher to work with Aboriginal clients and communities

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for these qualifications. To gain entry into CHC53215 Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs it is recommended that candidates have sufficient relevant work experience to indicate likely success at this level of qualification in a job role involving:

  • The self-directed application of knowledge with substantial depth in some areas
  • The exercise of independent judgment and decision-making
  • The application of relevant technical and other skills

Job Roles

Workers at this level operate at an advanced skill level and may also have responsibility for the supervision of other staff and volunteers

Occupational titles may include:

  • Alcohol and Drug workers
  • Community Rehabilitation and Support workers
  • Community Support workers
  • Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
  • Mental Health Counsellor

Delivery Structure

Face to face – cluster release (5 x 5 days); e-learning support, study groups, tutorials

Nominal Course Hours

1523-1528 hours

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Course Dates

27 Mar 2017 4 days
Cluster 1 [Advanced assessment and recovery interventions]
29 May 2017 4 days
Cluster 2 [Complex clients with AOD and MH needs (part 1)]
24 Jul 2017 4 days
Cluster 3 [Complex clients with AOD and MH needs (part 2)]
11 Sep 2017 4 days
Cluster 4 [Behaviour planning, relapse prevention and recovery]
13 Nov 2017 4 days
Cluster 5 [Carer participation, services, professionalism and evidence]

Study Pathway

CHC43215 Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs
CHC53215 Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs
CHC82015 Graduate Certificate in Client Assessment and Case Management
Bachelor Of Community Mental Health, Alcohol And Other Drugs