The Aboriginal Health College of NSW

Aboriginal Health College

The Aboriginal Health College of the AH&MRC of NSW is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) designed to provide culturally appropriate accredited education courses in Aboriginal health and associated disciplines.

The AH&MRC Board endorsed the establishment of the College in 2002.


The Aboriginal Health College has four strategic objectives. They are:

  1. Increase the number of Aboriginal health professionals who possess qualifications relevant to the needs of clients serviced by Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services and by the NSW Health Department. These qualifications will span entry level qualifications through to university degrees and diplomas, for Aboriginal Health Workers, Nurses and allied health professions.
  2. Develop the professional skills of Managers, Supervisors and Finance Administrators working within Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services. These employees have to respond to the new and emerging requirements relating to business management, information management, accountability, planning, and external linkages and coordination.
  3. Strengthen the governance capabilities of elected Aboriginal Community Controlled Boards/Governing Committees. There are tangible pressures on elected Aboriginal community members to respond to legislative, regulatory and contractual obligations; to provide strategic leadership to their organisations; and to articulate community needs and expectations.
  4. Provide professional development opportunities to non-Aboriginal health professionals working with Aboriginal clients, families and communities. The principal occupational categories are General Practitioners, Nurses, and allied health professionals.


  • We acknowledge the Aboriginal custodians of this land the Dharawal People and thank them for welcoming us onto their traditional Country
  • We pay our respects to Aboriginal Community Elders, past and present
  • We pay tribute to those Aboriginal Men and Women who have fought for many generations for the rights of Aboriginal people and for a better future
  • We sincerely thank all those individuals and organisations from all backgrounds who have helped to make the Aboriginal Health College a reality
  • We dedicate this Aboriginal Health College to the pursuit of excellence in Aboriginal health education and we prevail on our future generations to continue the vision of the Aboriginal Health College with passion, strength and innovation.

ahcThe meaning of the Aboriginal Health College (AHC) Logo

  • The whale is synonymous with the location
  • The blue represents the water
  • The light represents opportunity
  • The lizards represent the land
  • The black represents the Aboriginal community
  • The beige represents the shoreline

The artists were Sid Williams and Keith Munro and the logo was endorsed by the AH&MRC board in 2007

The Aboriginal Health College is the result of a long term vision of theAboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of New South Walesto establish and maintain an Aboriginal community controlled educational institution in order to provide culturally appropriate accredited education courses in Aboriginal health

In pursuit of this vision the AH&MRC Board endorsed the establishment of the College in 2002 and Registered Training Organisation (RTO 91020) status was achieved in 2004

Since then the Aboriginal Health College has successfully delivered accredited educational programs.